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Find Your Why

by Simon Sinek, David Mead

& Peter Docker

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  • Simon Sinek believes it is a human right to have a job that inspires us to go to work every day. He believes that exercising this right starts with understanding your WHY, or, "Why you got out of bed this morning, and why anyone should care."


  • At our core, we all have a WHY - it is "as much a statement of your value at work as it is the reason your friends love you." It is the motivator deep in your brain, that expresses who you are at your natural best, and this book is a guided manual for identifying that element of yourself, and being able to explain it in your next conversation, job interview, or venture pitch.


  • This is less of a "book" and more of a guide to one single powerful exercise - the WHY Discovery For Individuals (Chapter 3). After his Ted Talk was viewed over 40M times, Sinek started a movement around the concept of starting with WHY.


  • It's powerful concept that it is actually rooted in neuroscience. There is an area deep in the limbic part of your brain where your gut decisions are made. It's why some things "just feel right" and others "rub you the wrong way."


  • It's where you feel motivation, fascination and it's where your WHY is located. The WHY is a biological constant that has underlied all of the decisions you've made since you were 16 or 17 years old. It is the reason your company values you and the reason your friends love you, and it is worth articulating when you are looking for your job. 


  • Here is Simon's own introduction to the book. We think the exercise is extremely worthwhile for everyone, no matter your career stage.

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