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The Perspective You Need To Get The Opportunities You Deserve
When it comes to the application and interview process, the Post Grad Playbook is the #1 innovative and modern resource for students who are on the hunt for their ideal work opportunity after graduation OR internship during their undergrad. 
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Talk to someone who can actually relate to where you're at. We have modern strategies optimized for current times in 2020. 
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DISCOVER how to actually find companies and teams that are a best fit for you and align with your personal interests and goals. What makes a great company? What should you be mindful of? How do you know if it's a good fit? 

UNDERSTAND exactly what research you should be doing prior to sending in your application + why that research is important. Who makes the hiring decision? Who influences their decision? What do they care about? How do you even find this information and why is it important? 

STAND OUT from the hundreds of other applicants going for the same positions. Learn creative + practical ways you can position yourself for the best chances of success and tell your unique to give yourself an edge. 

CREATE connections with the right people to gain insights that will get you internal referrals and inside knowledge you won't find online. 

LEARN everything you ever wanted to know about the interview process...seriously. What questions should you be ready for? What does the overview of the typical interview process look like? What's the perspective of each person you’ll interact with during the process and what do they care about? What questions can you ask that will help you easily advance to the next round? How do you close out an interview and lock in the official job offer? What should you be mindful of when negotiating your comp plan? 

To set yourself up for the best chances of success during the application and interview process it's necessary that you have a well developed, genuine story + message that are driving your decision to send in that application. Combined with the proper research, these are what will contribute to approaching the application/interview process with confidence and clarity. No matter where you are in the process, if your goal is to find the ideal job after graduation that will jumpstart your career or even to land that perfect internship that aligns with your interests, the PGPlaybook will absolutely help – set up a free call to let us know where you're at in the process! 
We've helped students receive official job + internship offers from globally recognized companies with top ranked work environments.
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