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We're on a mission to empower Liberal Arts students to launch careers they find meaningful and exciting.

Individuals who have navigated the college-to-career process and found work that makes them happy — here to help you do the same.

As former liberal arts students, we know the proactive, curious, and entrepreneurial mindset required to make a successful transition from college to to the world of work today. We also know there is a lack of tailored and actionable career exploration support for liberal arts students today. 


Since 2020, we've been designing strategies and resources that help liberal arts students explore career pathways, gain clarity, and land opportunities they're excited about. We now partner with career centers and academic programs to offer one-on-one advising and group trainings that equip and inspire liberal students.


Our work is based on principles of Design Thinking, Positive Psychology, and the latest trends in job search strategy.

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