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Since 2020, we've been helping liberal arts students explore career pathways, gain clarity about their career aspirations, and land internship/job opportunities in marketing, consulting, government, tech, & more. 

Today, we partner with career centers and academic programs on a contracted basis to offer one-on-one advising appointments with a special focus on Career Exploration. 

Our work is based on principles of Design Thinking, Positive Psychology, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the latest trends in job search strategy.

We carry out appointment via Zoom from 8am - 8pm EST and are available to contract for one month, one semester, or a full academic year!

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"I had students running up to me in the hallway to rave about their appointments."

— BB | Director of Shuford Entrepreneurship Program, UNC Chapel Hill

Group Wokshops


Career Exploration for [Humanities] Majors 

A practical workshop for your [History, Religious Studies, Philosophy, English, French Studies, & more] majors that covers actionable strategies they can use to identify career paths of interest, build relationships with alumni who have gone before them, and translate their major to a great career.

Authentic Networking - Using the Tools & Platforms of Today

A step-by-step guide for building genuine professional relationships as a college student. The nuts-and-bolts techniques for finding, connecting, and conversing with alumni and industry professionals using the tools and platforms of today, and a curiosity-first approach to gaining insights and getting referrals.

Leveraging LinkedIn - Key Tips & Strategies 

LinkedIn is a student's single most valuable tool for career exploration today. This workshop covers every strategy, pro-tip, and hack you need to know to discover career pathways, connect with professionals in an authentic way, and stand out on internship/job applications by going directly to hiring decision-makers — consistently updated to the platform's latest updates. 

Career Exploration for [Student Population] 

An in-depth and interactive seminar tailored to your unique student population - sophomores, students interested in Healthcare, etc. - that covers actionable strategies for utilizing LinkedIn, ChatGPT, and more to explore career paths of interest, a step-by-step process for building connections with professionals of interest, and a framework for career exploration based in design thinking and positive psychology.

Workshops run 45-60 minutes and can be hosted

virtually or in-person!

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