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Designing Your Life

by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

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  • None of the resources on this site offer a "magic formula" for finding work you love, but this #1 New York Times Bestseller is about as close as it gets.

  • Authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans run a "Life Design Lab" at Stanford University that applies the design-thinking process (empathize, define, prototype, test, iterate) to your actual life. They help thousands of people every year - from college students to mid-career executives - identify the types of work that could truly excite them, and take the necessary steps to turn their ideas into reality.


  • The book is packed with powerful, thought-provoking exercises for introspection, stories of people that went from uncertain to finding and landing a "dream" job, and myth-busting statistics about the job-search and hiring process.

  • Anectdote from Chapter 10: Kurt got his BA at Stanford and his Masters at Yale. He applied to 38 internet job postings only to get 8 No's and 30 no responses. He then read this book, and set up 56 "prototyping conversations" with people who did work that interested him, and got 7 offers (one of which was of "dream job" status). 

    • Better yet, 6 of those 7 offers came without Kurt asking for anything; the folks he talked to appreciated the work he put into this process and could see his genuine interest - they asked him if he would be interested in a job.


  • By the end of this book, you will have three exciting potential plans for the next five years of your life, a growing network of people who genuinely want to help you succeed, and a set of proven effective tools for bypassing the hoops of the job-search-and-apply process. 


  • Productivity Game on YouTube has a very comprehensive video summarizing nearly the whole book in just under 10 minutes.

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