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How To Find Fulfilling Work

by Roman Krznaric & The School Of Life

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  • "Never have so many people felt so unfulfilled in their career roles, and been so unsure what to do about it."


  • This is one of our absolute must-reads in the "how to find your passion" genre. It will probably put words to much of what you've felt or are feeling when it comes to the heavy task of searching for a job you love.


  • Like Designing Your Life, it contains exercises that have the potential to provide you with real epiphanies about the types of work that could make you come alive (these include: sending out a personal job ad, keeping a flow journal, and inventing your own job), as well as practical steps for testing those ideas out in the real world.


  • But it dives deeper than the other books into the psychology of our confusions regarding the search for fulfilling work, and the ways in which our society affects our attitudes surrounding work.


It is broken down into the answering of two major questions:


  • First: What are we actually searching for? What are the core elements of a fulfilling career? His research suggests there are three essential ingredients: Meaning, Flow, and Freedom.


  • Second: How do we actually go about changing career? Although he admits there is no "blueprint," he provides 3 major hacks to the process:

    • Understanding our natural fears about leaving our jobs behind and ways we can overcome them.

    • Rejecting the myth that there is a single perfect job out there waiting for us, and instead, identifying our ‘multiple selves’ – the range of careers and jobs that might fascinate different parts of our personality.

    • Finally, flipping the standard model of career change on its head: rather than meticulously planning and then taking action, we should "act first and reflect later," doing experimental projects that test run our various selves in the real world.

  • Sections Include: 

    • I Want to Make a Difference

    • Imagining Your Many Selves

    • Experimental Projects, or How to Have Thirty Jobs in One Year

    • The Anarchist Alternative, or How to Invent Your Own Job​​

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