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Strengths Finder 2.0

by Tom Rath & Gallup

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  • "You cannot be anything you want to be, but you can be a lot more of who you already are." - Don Clifton    


  • After surveying millions of workers, young and old, in nearly every industry, Gallup has made a pretty major discovery: the minority of professionals who love what they do every day are doing something that they do very well every day, something for which they have a natural aptitude, something they do better than most other people. 


  • Tom Rath and his team think that this idea might be THE cure to the epidemic of job dissatisfaction in the western world. They state that people who are able to exercise their strengths at work are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs.


  • Like Find Your Why, this is less of a traditional book, but rather, an "Assesment, Website, and Development Guide." It's only 33 short pages, followed by a 35-minute online assessment that will give you your Top 5 Talent Themes, along with a Strengths Insight Report and Action Planning Guide - which include specific types of work environments that you will likely find invigorating.


  • We are just as skeptical as the next folks about an assessment that claims to know you on a deep level, but we truly think this one is worthwhile. It has been proven to stand the test of time with people who took the assessment five years apart receiving the same results. And if you choose to work through our coaching process, we buy the assessment for you!


  • What's awesome about this 2.0 version is that it includes over 5,000 Personal Strengths Insights for each talent. It will compare your responses to millions of others in their database and give you specific ways that your natural abilities are unique.


  • Having even a basic understanding of the things you naturally do well is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to evaluating potential opportunities or pitching yourself in your next interview. And who doesn't love to have a software spit out all the ways that they are awesome?

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